Deodorisers & Sanitizers

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Sanitizers and deodorizers are important for hygiene.

Sanitizers and deodorizers are important for hygiene. Sanitizers kill germs and deodorizers make things smell good. Sanitizers can be used on your hands or on surfaces.

Our range of powerful bactericidal deodorizers includes many fragrances, such as lavender, cherry, citrus lime, mint, tea tree, and tropical burst. These liquids can remove unpleasant odors and thoroughly destroy a wide range of germs.

Our sanitizers can be used on carpet, sofa upholstery, fabric, floor, wall, and more…

Benefits of using Deodorisers & Sanitizers

Deodorizers can be used in the air or on surfaces. Both sanitizers and deodorizers are important for keeping you and your environment clean and healthy.
Many people believe that deodorisers and sanitizers are only effective in killing bacteria and viruses. However, these products also kill a wide range of other germs, including pet smells, urine, feces, smoke, food, and vomit.
By using a deodoriser or sanitizer each day, you can reduce the chances of getting sick by protecting yourself from nasty bacteria and viruses.
Buy any of these disinfectants & deodorizers by trusted brands such as Craftex and Procehm to improve the freshness to your environment with a fresh scent and minimal germs and bacteria.
These fluids are very potent when it comes to washing and removing bacteria and other contaminants from all sorts of surfaces, whether they're glass, plastic, fabric, or a different material.
They are bleach-free, non-toxic, and non-hazardous, and are ideal for use as disinfectants. Our deodorisers and sanitizers cleaning products are perfect for keeping your home or office smelling fresh and clean.
Our products are powerful bactericidal agents that can eliminate unpleasant odours quickly and easily. We offer a variety of fragrances to choose from, so you can find the perfect scent for your needs.